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June 19th, 2013 at 01:31 PM

Originating from Budapest, Hungary, designer Dori Tomcsanyi attended the renown Moholy- Nagy University of Art and Design and finished her fashion studies at École Supérieure des Arts Appliqués Duperré in Paris, France. Each of Dori's collections revolves around a female character, a cheeky, laid-back urban girl

We Are Selecters has been following Dori's creative progress in the past few years, and we now have the pleasure to feature her creations in our I AM/Shop. We've had the chance to catch up with Dori, and know a bit more about this talented young creator. 

How would you describe your label?  

Dori Tomcsanyi is a high profiled contemporary women's design and fashion concept brand. It creates uniqueness that comes from my own personal perception and interpretation of exceptional, yet one of a kind places and persons. This uniqueness is implanted on high quality, mostly natural fabrics.  

Who is behind Dori Tomcsanyi's brand?

Myself as the designer and co-owner, and Balint Siko, the sales and showroom manager, who is also co-owner, and also Flora and Viola, assistants of mine, who are both very talented. And a production team which is quite small, but very caring and professional. 

Being based in Budapest, what would you say inspires you the most from this city?

I love that you can eat very good food,  go out to very cool places. The people I meet daily are all very inspiring.

We know you've travelled the world… which country, culture, do you admire the most? and why?

I will never stop loving Paris, for sure! I have spent many great times there. I also love Vienna, which is a great fashion spot. But I would loved to go to Iceland, my next location, where I want to travel with my family. 

Do you have a signature style aesthetic? 

I prefer minimalist cuts and colors and my goal is to create not only exciting looks, but also ones that are comfortable and feminine. 

What would you say are the key aspects of your work?

My signature would be the digital printed silk garments. I always prepare the prints and I love making them. For the next spring-summer collection I have designed a digital print with indoor plants, made with aquarelle paint. 

Which designer do you admire the most? 

My two favorite would be Stine Goya and Best Behaviour. 

Apart from fashion, what are your other passions? 

Designing and managing my company pretty much takes all of my time, but I also have a lovely daughter, Mimi who has all of my attention. 

We Are Selecters is nurtured by music, our radio is an important part of the project. Does music influence your creative process? 

Definitely, I am always listening to music when I'm working. It defines my mood. 

Lately, what do you listen to?

I love Majestic, ... listening to their youtube channel, is great!

What is your goal for the near future? How would you like to see your brand evolve? 

We are finishing the 2014 spring- summer collection and also producing for AW13/14 for the stores. My goal right now is to open a flagship store this summer in Budapest.

Your dreams and expectations are? 

I would really like to see my collections hanging in many stores and would love to see cool girls wearing them. 

Image via Base Magazine

Photography by Mate Moro