SOMF - Interview


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June 18th, 2013 at 04:11 PM

Photo by Magneto

SOMF was established as a natural course of endless late night tales around aesthetics, with subconscious lust and the aim to create a sorority of similar ideas. With artifacts that are displayed through repetitive patterns, influenced by mysticism, the occult, archetypes and lost civilizations, whilst transcending Greek ideals through pop culture, such as Disney's interpretation of the Pythagorean theorem. 

Headed by Mariaflora who studied Fashion Design at Central St. Martins and has worked alongside some of Britain's leading fashion designers and Olivia, a visual designer by trade, who obtained her MA research on Visual Arts with the RCA, SOMF aims to create timeless garments that follow no specific trends, but that meets the necessities of today's city dwellers. 

We've chatted with SOMF's designer duo, which creations are now available in our I AM/ Shop, to find out a bit more about them, and we've been pleasantly surprised… 

How would you describe your label? 

Οlivia: Wearable clothes, with a tongue-in-cheek take on society, history and culture.  

Who is behind Somf? Apart from Mariaflora and Oliva? 

Mariflora: The label was created the two of us, and run by myself, with the help of my precious assistant Markos, as well as little team of valuable interns. It is printed, laser-cuted and lovingly manufactured in Greece in a series of small independent production units.

Being based in England and Greece, what would you say inspires you the most from both countries? 

Olivia: Athens: My old neighborhood – Kipseli – is the most inspiring place on earth for me. Its multicultural essence is always an inspiration. The grandiose athenian sun, the orange blossom essence, the old food market, the long walks in Plaka with dear friends. London: Courtesy - however fake it might be, Chancery Lane walks in symbolism, Victorian East London, The Hunterian Museum, the rare hint of sunshine.

Mariflora: Having lived in London for ten years, it's street style will never stop being a major source of inspiration for me. But Athens its such a vibrant, rebellious and outspoken city, with such an inspiring history and heritage that has been the major source of the creativity for me. 

What are your greatest influences for your creative process?

Olivia: Inspiration lies in memories that are hard to erase, … a favorite pair of shoes, a mix-tape long lost in the attic, the Virgin Mary litany, the smell of a friend. We both pleasantly surprise each other when we start filling our research folders. 

What is Somf's signature style aesthetic? 

Mariaflora: Bold Prints, laser-cut shapes, Trompe-l'œil tattoos. Good girls with a dark streak.

What would you say are the key aspects of your work?

Olivia: A strong idea, an extensive research repository and a sophisticated choice of colors are the foundations for all work that follows.

Which designer do you admire the most? 

Mariaflora: Miuccia Prada, Christopher Kane. At the moment I'm obsessed with Dolce& Gabbana's Summer 13 collection and Valentino. What an amazing comeback for both. 

Olivia: Phoebe Philo

Apart from fashion, what are your other passions? 

Mariaflora: Music, art, cinema and cats. 

Olivia: Music, perfumery, medicine and archeology. 

We Are Selecters loves music, our radio is an important part of the project. Does music influence your creative process?

Mariaflora: Music has always been the driving force between anything creative Somf-wise. 

Olivia: Of course! music is one of the main ingredients, if not the main one. Music was the reason we met years ago in our favorite indie night. Our AW13 collection - 'Laura Does Dallas' - was inspired by Folk Americana from the 60’s & 70’s. The Flying Burrito Brothers and Big Star paved the way.

Lately, what do you girls listen to? 

Mariaflora: Morissey, DIIV, My Bloody Valentine and anything drone-y that comes my way. 

Olivia: The new Boards of Canada album, Burial, and tons of Cloud Rap.

What is your goal for the near future? How would you like to see your brand evolve? 

Mariaflora: Organically expand our business in Greece and abroad. 

Olivia: To have a strong representation and publishing abroad. 

Your dreams and expectations? 

Olivia: Establishing a strong branding for the label, expanding our creativity in other projects, watching the SOMF sorority grow globally.

Olivia and Mariflora shot by Costas Voyatzis