Xperimental Shoes - Interview


Fashion, Trends

June 19th, 2013 at 05:59 PM

One of our I AM invited brands, Xperimental Shoes, hails from Portugal, a country with lots of sunshine, beautiful beaches, wonderful food, friendly people, and a lot of talent yet to be discovered. 

Founded little over a year ago, Xperimental shoes has an irreverent style, so unique of its own. Specialized in creating top notch shoes, that will make any girl stand out from the crowd.

Xperimental challenges, explores and deconstructs fashion through a new way of thinking, idealizing experiences. We've had a pleasant talk with the creative duo behind the brand, Celia and Ana … and this is the outcome. "let's Xperiment!"

Who is behind the brand Xperimental Shoes?

Behind the Xperimental are two young twin sisters, passionate about what they do. Celia, who has been collaborating with several footwear brands, and myself Ana, that works in fashion communication in an online fashion platform.

Who designs and develops your collections?

The collections are designed by Célia and the product is developed in São João da Madeira (Portugal).

What are your biggest influences in your creative process?

The greatest influences for our creative process are urbanity and the comfort that surrounds it ... nature, animals and music.

You are inspired by?

Day-to-day moments.

Xperimental Shoes has a defined aesthetic style, that you use as the brand's identity? 

Xperimental tries to maintain its own aesthetic sense, in a way that, when the public looks, it should feel the brand's soul, … although the trends and tastes for experimentation, result in a non-rigid pursuance for us, … keeping us free. The identity of the materials may be granted by the materials, the lines… the communication also helps us in this sense: we believe that each collection should have strength, not only in the product, but also in the ways we convey it. 

Fashion wise, which designers do you admire most? and why?

Maison Martin Margiela, Alexander Wang, Comme des Garçons… because they all have powerful lines and represent a identity of their own. 

Besides fashion, what are your other passions?

One of our greatest passions are animals: it's a constant struggle and suffering from trying to help and improve the way the human being relates to them… we love our pets. We love the beach and enjoying well the few free moments we have.

We Are Selecters' includes an online radio, as music is an important part of our project. Does music influence your creative process?

Yes, definitely. We love electro-jazz, tripop, soul, drum & bass…

What do listen to lately?

Parov Stelar, DJ Krush, Erykah Badu, Tricky, Thievery Corporation, Gil Scott Heron...

How would you like to see your brand evolve?

We'd like for Xperimental Shoes to expand internationally, without putting aside our humbleness, and to always give proper attention to the consumer. For it to become stronger and to speak for itself … to be able to communicate for itself. Truly, for people people to say, satisfied, "I have a pair of Xperimental Shoes and they are awesome!". It does not necessarily have to become a brand for the masses, it only needs to be an understood brand for the wearer. 

Your hopes, dreams and expectations are?

To continue to live in Portugal (that is a great country) and to keep on working in what we love. To have more leisure moments to rest more, whilst maintaining our passion for what we do. To have lots of dogs!!! And to be able to travel a lot!!!


Photography: Rita Lino

Styling: Studio RGB/XYZ

Make-up & Hair: Xana Lopes

Models: Face Models