iF - imperfect FUTURE



July 5th, 2013 at 11:56 AM

En Construccion Calle 26, photo by Susana Carrie

Piratea, photo by Susana Carrie

Doctrina Cuerpo, photo by SusanaCarrie

Torre Colpatria, photo by Susana Carrie

Created by wabi-sabi lab, iF BOGOTÁ Trend Report is the first publication brand of future-driven content and experiences. Based between Barcelona, Bogotá and the Internet, and launched in May 213, iF (imperfect FUTURE) focuses on and about the future of their hometown and next capital of Latin America, Bogota. 

After five years developing trend reports for major brands in Europe and Latin America, iF's team decided to launch their own brand of trend reports for Internet users, covering the creative class of chaotic cities, the evolution of internet culture and other related topics. 

By exploring the future and translating it to brands, companies and people, iF's reports cover a wide spectrum of 10 themes, connecting ambiguous projects, places and persons to decode the urban complexity of Bogotá, featuring relevant insights for categories such as: Arts, Architecture, Branding, Communication, Design, Drinks & Beverages, Education, Entertainment, Fashion, Food, Health & Wellness, Media, Music, Retail, Sports, Startups, Tech, Tourism,Transportation, Urban Development, Video games, Youth. 

The Future may be imperfect, but it sure looks bright!