January 28th, 2014 at 12:53 PM

Founded in early 2013 by young designers Marta Bagante, Giulia Bison and Federico Grassi, Italian fashion brand Farewell is at the cutting-edge of footwear design. The designers started their project by collecting and selecting limited edition pieces of vintage items such as the 90's born espadrilles and giving them a modern twist. 

By pursuing the idea of crossbreeding shapes, functions and styles, Farewell Footwear presents its unisex collections inspired by the hyper hiking technical world, and espadrilles' iconic soles.

The Fall/Winter 2014-15 collection blends urbanism with the wilderness of nature. The winter takes over the summer and defies the idea that the rope sole is merely for the warmer season. 

With black and white leather as key elements, the Urban line, includes snake prints, matte and shiny calfskin, all soled with black and white rope. The brand adds a pony calf to the material palette, mixing like so the materials and colors moving the brand towards avant-garde experimentation.