Meet Ye Seul Jung of Seoul’s O!Oi


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October 16th, 2014 at 11:23 AM

Meet Ye Seul Jung of Seoul’s O!Oi

Meet Ye Seul Jung of Seoul’s O!Oi

Meet Ye Seul Jung of Seoul’s O!Oi

Meet Ye Seul Jung of Seoul’s O!Oi

Meet Ye Seul Jung of Seoul’s O!Oi

Meet Ye Seul Jung of Seoul’s O!Oi

Meet Ye Seul Jung of Seoul’s O!Oi

Meet Ye Seul Jung of Seoul’s O!Oi

O!Oi FW14 ‘Ginger - Old School, New School’

Seoul-based fashion label O!Oi was launched in 2011 and has since then gained many enthusiastic followers, specially the younger crowd. Conceived by Creative Director Ye Seul Jung, O!Oi is the sum of a witted design, cheekiness, innocence, and curiosity. 

The Fall/Winter 2014 'Ginger - Old School, New School’ collection has just landed in WeAreSelecters Stores, and we took this change to talk to young designer Ye Seul Jung… so O!, Oi… read up!

Tell us a bit about your education background.

I studied art from an early age; from high school then to an art college. I launched O!Oi after my freshman’s year.

Why the election of the brand's name “O!Oi”? 

O!Oi is a reiteration of 'oi’. We'd like to make 'oioi' more unique, so we used '!' instead of i. The reason why we chose this as a name, is we'd like to get the attention, using reiteration of the word 'oi; which we use when calling someone.

Who is behind the brand, besides creative designer Ye Seul Jung? 

O!Oi is creative designer Ye Seul Jung, our design team, marketing and logistics team. 

How do you see the situation for young fashion designers to start off their label in Seoul? 

I think it’s a fun and I thing their efforts and summons they might encounter on the way, will be worth it. Seoul is always changing and it constantly needs new fashion and new challenges.

O!Oi has rapidly gained a lot of followers in very short time. What is the secret behind this? 

I think its because we keep a distinct brand identity and we always try on new things each season. And many k-pop stars (fashionistas) are wearing our clothes.

From Seoul, what is your favorite 'hang-out' place? 

My favorite place is Yeonnam-dong where we have our office. A hot spot these days… there is many cool stores and great restaurantes to eat in.

Favorite food? 

Love noodles! specially the fusion cuisine noodles.

How's your taste in music? 

I like Dreamy music. My favorite bands are ‘The XX’ and ‘Blonde Redhead’.

What are the future plans for O!Oi? 

We are planing to stock on international offline stores; gradually move around the world, as well as onto international online stores.

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Creative Director: Ye Seul Jung

Photographer: Gu No Lee

Styling: Eui Jin Oh

Hair & Makeup: Sang Mi Jeon

Models: Na Rae Kim & Kyung Hyun Han

Assistants: Chan Lee Park and Won Joo Shin