Heat The Street - An Initiative To Warm Up Those In Need



December 14th, 2015 at 05:12 PM

Heat The Street - An Initiative To Warm Up Those In Need

This is the season to be jolly, to share with friends and family … and for all the good deeds. Silvia Lopes - a 33 year old communication consultant living and working in Lisbon - strongly believes in this, and has taken a step further… 

About 2 weeks ago, Silvia saw a photograph on social media of two coats hanging from two poles somewhere in Canada, and considered doing the same. In collaboration with her colleague Lara Neves, she then created a Facebook page and an online event with the aim to transform Lisbon into a cloakroom for coats, available to anyone who is cold.

Initially the Facebook page counted only with the likes of friends, but the idea grew and caught the attention of media & the general public. "It's gaining a lot of support because it is an idea so simple and shows that it is so easy to help" states Silvia, explaining that anyone can donate coats. Even those you have in the house and no longer use. "The point is to boost the spirit of solidarity" she concludes.

The event will take off tomorrow, Tuesday, 15th of December, in and around Lisbon. Silvia Lopes says that the event is not only directed to the homeless but to everyone who is cold and looks for some warmth in the cold, typically humid Lisbon weather. Silvia say that "there will be no surveillance", so it’s really up to “each person’s consciousness" to give or take a coat. 

To participate is very simple; print the available tags found on Heat The Street Facebook page and hang a coat around the streets of Lisbon, and why not in your own city wherever you are. Take a picture and share it on HTS FB page with the hastag #heatthestreet 

Heat The Street - An Initiative To Warm Up Those In Need