Egoïste’s Issue Zero & Other Collectables


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January 5th, 2016 at 01:30 PM

Egoïste’s Issue Zero & Other Collectables

First week of 2016,.. these days when we all make resolutions into the new year and review the last 12 prior months… we look into everything… and start to our 'to do list' by adding a library collection a few ‘week zero’ events or issues...

IDEA Books suggests issue zero of the ‘greatest scarcity of modern magazines’ such as Egoïste, or the superfine amazing View, which were finally found. 

Egoïste’s Issue Zero & Other Collectables

The fact that it exists is not enough. The brilliance of this portrait is. More than. Marie-Virginie Corre, a 19-year-old actress who, by any account only made one film (1977's Un Oursin Dans La Poche). Photographed by Thierry Charpin for the section Beaux & Belles, which would be continued in later issues under the direction of Bettina Rheims. 

Egoïste’s Issue Zero & Other Collectables

And this single page portrait reappears in Egoïste no.1. Serge Gainsbourg by Jean d'Hughes. Probably is the greatest pinstripe reference. We know none better.

Egoïste’s Issue Zero & Other CollectablesThe back cover looks forward. An extraordinary start.

Under the title ‘De Luxe’, Egoïste’s issue zero, of what became the blueprint for a luxury fashion magazine, was released in the year of 1977. Even before ‘Manipulator’, Joe Mckenna’s Joe’s First and Second issues, before Comme des Garçons SIX and all the big bi-annuals. 

Now you get the chance to acquire this historic document and other issues. A chance to collect a luxury item brought to you by IDEA Books. With the Helmut Newton covers, Richard Alvedon’s self portrait signed and more…

Egoïste’s Issue Zero & Other CollectablesSee all the covers on this link

Egoïste’s Issue Zero & Other CollectablesRichard Avedon Self-Portrait 

Egoïste’s Issue Zero & Other Collectables

Andy Warhol