Feeling a bit ‘Discomfort’… Flakonkishochki in NY


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February 12th, 2016 at 12:06 PM

Feeling a bit ‘Discomfort’… Flakonkishochki in NY

Conceptual illustrator Andrey Kasay aka Flakonkishochki, whose surrealistic animated videos we’ve featured here, goes to Brooklyn, NYC! Opening his exhibition ‘Discomfort’ on March the 3rd at 272 Seigel Street, Brooklyn, NY. 

‘Discomfort’ portrays things of the everyday … things that can be relied on and make sense. 

“Dust settles on the gleaming tops of the furniture, dreams are neatly folded in the chest of drawers, we have our habits. Back of the door to the kitchen, there’s a new door to the kitchen, and a labyrinth of corridors takes over. Things engorge ambitions, put on the face of desires, become the answers. Andrey’s characters merge with the everyday, revealing absurdity and absence of meaning.”

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Feeling a bit ‘Discomfort’… Flakonkishochki in NY