Presidential Cute: Sassy Boy Donald Trump is Down For Business

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March 29th, 2016 at 10:56 AM

Presidential Cute: Sassy Boy Donald Trump is Down For Business

Meet Heather, an editor of Stocktown, a cultural movement celebrating creativity and freedom of souls since 2011. Much like the video magazine, Heather selects and edits content related with our present social and cultural scenario, … the latest being one about a Tumblr page created by Brooke Kelty’s dedicated to mock the American presidential candidate Donald Trump putting him super sassy and meme-ish-cute. 

We Are Selecters is as always supportive of diffusing the work of young creatives and believes we all have the right and so far, “freedom of speech”,… read Heather’s article below, including an interview made with New York based artist Brooke Kelty...

Presidential Cute: Sassy Boy Donald Trump is Down For Business

Presidential Cute: Sassy Boy Donald Trump is Down For Business by Heather Ferrigan

Just a few weeks ago, an eagle made history by mistaking that thing on top of Donald Trump's head for a nest. Easily done, but hey; kudos to the birdie who took the liberty of doing what most Hispanics, Muslims, Jews, disabled and women worldwide have been dying to do. 

And just like that, the world witnessed DT’s signature hairdo get kamikazed. A long-wanted act of war in our defense, sought by a birdie. Well, that happened and by all means political masturbation calls for consequences. As the race for presidency is getting closer -Trump’s controversial campaign continues to raise eyebrows - he’s on all millennials lips and used to be ‘the suited dude with the hair’, today he's ‘The Donald’ aka ‘The Don’, aka ‘The Trumpster’, aka ‘The Dump’. 

Viral is hands down his middle name and media outlets are taking note. By now, he must be the most-googled, most-talked about, most-cursed, most-wtf!? man alive. Despite numerous controversial remarks and absurdities, he seems to be gaining sympathizers and is especially favored amongst the usual assholes and KKK activists.. Go figure.

Presidential Cute: Sassy Boy Donald Trump is Down For Business

The upside of this joke though, is the rise of the anti-Trump art movement bashing the man’s all-around offensive behaviour and shit politics - there’s the Trump piñata, butt-plug, blow-up doll and now also NY-based artist Brooke Kelty’s Kawaii Trump, ‘reworking’ Trump as the Japanese adjective suggests - ‘cute’ or ‘adorable’. And who would have thought a smug face like that could be transformed into (Kelty’s own words) ‘A sassy, colorful, and fun Trump, who's down for business and knows he's number one.’ 

Brilliant. But then again….what's the saying? ‘Put lipstick on a Pig, it’s still a Pig’? Same rhetorical expression goes for Mr. Trump - no matter how rosy his lips and cheeks may be -  he’s still a Trump. A git. Except in Kelty’s realm - he’s a cute one.

Presidential Cute: Sassy Boy Donald Trump is Down For Business

You’re making him prettier and cute! Why?

Brooke Kelty: I think part of the draw people feel to Kawaii Trump is because he's been feminized. I didn't make him feminine as a joke. I feel like Trump and his male supporters are pretty masculine. And I think what we need in this world is a presence that is softer, more feminine, and gentle. He does look super cute tho. 

Presidential Cute: Sassy Boy Donald Trump is Down For Business

Promoting him or bashing him?

B. K.: Definitely not promoting him. Honestly he doesn't need any promotion. He gets enough by just opening his mouth. Lol. It's a way to project onto him what I think this world needs: playfulness, gentleness, tenderness, and a feminine touch. The sass is just a feminization of his already outspoken behavior. I care about equality for all people. Down with white supremacy and the patriarchy. I want to live in a world where education is affordable, abortions are widely available, and we care for our poor, sick, and starving individuals. I want to live in a world where women don't have to choose between a family and a career. I want to live in a world where girls don't have to miss school just because they menstruate and police aren't murdering unarmed citizens.

I hear you. So, how did Kawaii Trump first come about?

B. K.: I actually did kawaii edits of Hillary, Bernie, Jeb, Carson, and Trump and released them together on my Facebook and personal Tumblr. The Trump photo in particular got a large amount of activity and shares. So I thought I should make more. People really liked seeing him super cute.

Presidential Cute: Sassy Boy Donald Trump is Down For Business

What inspired this project?

B. K.: I choose Donald because people freaked out when I made his kawaii edit. People didn't really respond that much to the edits of other candidates. Trump is a character. He's larger than life. He's over the top. It seems only reasonable to take it a step further. Politics feel so much like entertainment. Like watching a show to see what a character will do next....we check our Twitter feed in the morning to see wtf Trump is saying or doing. To me...Trump is a performance artist. It's really hard for me to take what he says seriously. I honestly can’t believe him to be as ignorant as he makes himself to be. At least I hope not.

Presidential Cute: Sassy Boy Donald Trump is Down For Business

Yeah, he's unreal. What’s your personal take on him?

Presidential Cute: Sassy Boy Donald Trump is Down For BusinessB.K.: It's weird. I don't hate him. I certainly don't love him, but I don't hate him. All of my friends loathe him, but it just seems like theatrics to me. He seems more like a performance artist than a politician. He's really been entertaining everyone's minds lately. I certainly hate what he says. I hate the hurt he has caused people to feel. I think people are valid for hating him. I just don't think he's genuine. But that's the best case scenario...that it's all just a big ploy. What really scares me is the people who believe in him and support him. I don't hate them, but I am scared for them and of them. Ignorance and hate breeds evil shit.

Presidential Cute: Sassy Boy Donald Trump is Down For Business

How have you felt about all the recent attention on him?

B.K.: It's like watching the most ridiculous show. And the audience is part of the production. The people who believe in him....I just feel so bad for them. I don't know what they see in him. Do they follow him because he's rich and want to be like him? I honestly don't know. 

This Kawaii-style is really doing wonders for him, he's even becoming likable and pleasant to watch, do you think your make-over would up Trump’s presidential campaign?

B.K.: Lol nah. I think it would scare the shit out of his supporters. People would be so confused. I'd just be rolling over laughing.

Finally, any beauty tips for Trump you’d like to share?

Brooke Kelty: Aesthetically not about his hair, but it is part of his brand. So you can't really ask him to change it. It'd be changing his entire physical identity. I think a little bit of blush could make him seem rosier. 

Photo credit: Brooke Kelty / Kawaii Trump